Write any six important functions of auxins

Auxin means to grow. They are widely used in agricultural and horticultural practices. They are found in growing apices of roots and stems and then migrate to other parts to act.


1. Cell elongation of stems and roots
2. Apical dominance, IAA in apical bud suppresses the growth of lateral buds
3. Induces parthenocarpy i.e. development of fruit without fertilisation e.g. in tomatoes
4. Prevents premature fall of leaves, flowers, fruits
5. Useful in stem cuttings and grafting where it initiates rooting
6. Promotes flowering e.g. in pineapple
7. 2,4-D is widely used as a herbicide to kill undesirable weeds of dicot plants without affecting monocot plants
8. Helps in cell division and xylem differentiation

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