Write short notes on The Indian Desert

  • Large areas of Indian desert are covered by Crescent shaped dunes also known as Barchans.
  • Indian desert is an undulating sandy plain covered with sand dunes. 
  • Indian desert has a very low vegetation cover.
  • Arid climate is the climatic condition prevalent in Indian Desert. 
  • During the rainy season, one can find the streams.
  • These streams do not reach the seas as they do not have sufficient water to carry them all the way till Arabian sea. 
  • These streams are lost the sand.
  • The only large river present in Indian desert is the Luni river.
  • Below 150 mm per year is the rainfall in Indian desert. This amount of rainfall received in Indian desert is very low.
  • Towards the western margins of the Aravali Hills, one can find the Indian desert.
  • Near the Indo-Pakistan boundary, one can find longitudinal dunes.

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