Write some Examples of Magnetic Susceptibility?

Magnetic material can be classified as paramagnetic diamagnetic and ferromagnetic substances on the basis of their magnetic susceptibility.

Diamagnetic materials- diamagnetic materials are characterized by constant negative ,small susceptibilities. Only slightly affected by changing in temperature.

Examples of diamagnetic materials are bismuth.

So, due to negative and small susceptibility diamagnetic materials slightly repel in external magnetic field.

Paramagnetic materials- paramagnetic materials are characterized by constant positive small susceptibility, less than 1/1000 at room temperature.

That means enhancement of magnetic field caused by alignment of magnetic dipole inside the material is relatively small compared to the external field.

Paramagnetic permeability is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature, after increase my temperature due to thermal vibrations the arrangement of dipoles in paramagnetic materials gets disturbed.

Paramagnetic materials are partially lined up with external magnetic field examples of of paramagnetic material is platinum.

Ferromagnetic materials- ferromagnetic materials are characterized by positive large susceptibility, ferromagnetic materials do not have constant susceptibilities, have relativity large values sometimes exceeds 1000.

Thus due to large susceptibility sometime magnetization inside for magnetic materials may be larger than 1000 times the external magnetic field, because such materials are composed of ferromagnetic domains and these domains gets easily lined up with external magnetic field.

Examples of ferromagnetic materials are iron and Cobalt.

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