Write ten slogans on child marriage.


Child marriage is the marriage of a child under the age of 18, most often the marriage of a girl to a man who is older. Many girls who are partnered before turning 18 or forced into child marriage are deprived of education, leaving them of their independence of learning and potential liberation.

It is because teenage women who are married are much more probable to have kids while still psychologically immature, those who are at greater risk of mortality from health problems of labor and birth, and their kids, consistent with WHO, also have a lower chance to survive. At an early age, married women who’ve had babies can also be mentally inexperienced and unwell to be moms.

Slogan of child marriage

Few slogan on child marriage

  1. Stop kid marriage. Stop youngster misuse.
  2. Young lady, not Brides
  3. Child marriage is serious. Don’t make them shed a tear.
  4. Show a kid love and care; Child Marriage is not reasonable.
  5. Stop murdering the adolescence by youngster marriage and begin teaching your kids.
  6. Child Marriage – A losing game.
  7. Show a kid love and care; Child Marriage is not reasonable.
  8. Lave young ladies alone young ladies, not ladies.
  9. Time for activity, Stop kid marriage now! A young lady’s entitlement to Say no to marriage.
  10. There is no explanation; there is no reason, Child marriage is Child Abuse.

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