Write ten slogans on 'Save Fuel'.


Under the law of energy conservation, it can neither be generated nor destroyed, but can only be modified from one form to another. Thus in order to do such work, we can not produce energy. We, therefore, use certain substances that help us turn one source of energy into another form. Any material that produces a usable amount of energy following combustion is known as fuel. Biogas, Fossil fuels, nuclear energy, etc, are examples of fuel.

Fuel is not only necessary for the current situation, but it will also be necessary for future generations to live a trouble-free life, so it’d be reasonable to take care of them. The danger of destroying them is high as they are non-renewable resources.

The best slogan for saving fuels are

  1. Save fuel for a better world
  2. Our resources are limited
  3. Saving fuel has no alternatives
  4. Don’t contribute towards global warming
  5. Saving fuel has no alternatives
  6. A single drop can make a difference.
  7. Save money while saving fuels
  8. Save to expand
  9. Towards a better future
  10. Make sure to keep some for the next generation

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