Write the adaptation in aquatic plants due to which (a) Submerged leaves can bend in the flowing water. (b) Leaves can float on the surface of the water.

(a) Some aquatic plants are totally submerged in water. All parts of these plants grow under water. These submerged plants have narrow and very thin ribbon-like leaves, that enable them to bend in flowing water.

(b) The stems of some aquatic plants are long, hollow and light. These stems grow and reach up to the surface of water and the leaves can float on the surface of water.

Adaptation in Aquatic Plants

Plants which live in water ecosystem like lakes, rivers, ponds, bogs etc. face many problems. The most common are low oxygen content, low light intensity, lack of soil, and nutrients.

  • Some of these issues are resolved by floating in water streams. Aquatic plants develop in a way such that their roots are in the water, but the upper half partially emerges from the surface of the water for efficient photosynthesis.

  • Food, nutrients, and air are absorbed through modified stems and roots.

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