You are provided with a bulb, a cell, a switch and some connecting wires. Draw a diagram to show the connections between them to make the bulb glow.

Steps to show the connections to make the bulb glow:-

  • There are two terminals of an electric cell. Connect the positive terminal of the electric cell to one terminal of the switch by the given connecting wires. Current starts from the positive terminal and passes through the switch.
  • Now, connect the second terminal of the switch to the one terminal of the bulb by connecting wires. The current passes through the switch and bulb but still the circuit is not complete, so the bulb will not glow.
  • The last step is to connect the other terminal of the bulb to the negative terminal of the cell. This completes the electric circuit, as current starts from positive terminal goes to switch, if switch is close it goes to bulb and then it completes the circuit by going to the negative terminal. This make the complete electric circuit.

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