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Resonant Frequency Formula

The resonant frequency is the frequency of a resonant circuit. A Resonant circuit is also identified as LC circuit or tank circuit. This circuit comprises of inductor and capacitor attached parallel to each other. The resonant circuit is used to create a particular frequency or to select a particular frequency from a complex circuit. So, the resonant frequency formula is articulated as,

Where,  the resonant frequency is f0 , the inductance is L  and the capacitance is C

Resonant Frequency Solved Examples

Solved numerical of resonant frequency are provided below:

Problem 1: Compute the resonant frequency of a circuit whose inductance is 25mH and capacitance is 5μF?


Known values are,
L = 25mH and

C = 5μF
The formula for resonant frequency is articulated as,

f0 = 450.384Hz

Problem  2: The capacitance and inductance of a resonant circuit is given as 0.5F and 1H. Compute the resonant frequency of the circuit?


Known values are,
L = 1H and

C = 0.5F
The formula for resonant frequency is articulated as,

f0 = 0.2251Hz

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