RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions Three Dimensional Shapes

RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions Chapter 19

A shape which has length, width and depth are called a Three-dimensional object. Depth is a dimension which is only present as in 3D objects and not 2D objects. These objects have a surface area which separates the outside and inside of the object. Important shapes such as polygons, solids with curves, globes, cylinders and cones can be learnt here.

Some of the major three-dimensional objects are:

  1. Octagonal Prism
  2. Hexagonal Pyramid
  3. Pentagonal Pyramid
  4. Pentagonal Pyramid
  5. Hexagonal Pyramid
  6. Ellipsoid
  7. Octahedron
  8. Icosahedron
  9. Sphere
  10. Cone
  11. Cylinder
  12. Cube
  13. Cube
  14. Dodecahedron
  15. Tetrahedron

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