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Stp Formula

In Chemistry, STP is an elementary concept. In STP system, both pressure and temperature are in their typical form. Pressure and temperature of this system is considered as 1atm and 273K correspondingly. You can compute the volume of a gas in STP using the standard formula. In this standard formula, the pressure is in torr and temperature is in Kelvin. STP formula is articulated as:



STP Problems

Solved problems for gas in STP are provided below:

Solved Examples

Problem 1: Compute the volume of a gas at STP whose volume is 0.5L and the temperature and pressure is 300K and 700 torr respectively?


Given numerics are,

T = 300K

P = 700Torr

Volume of the gas = 0.5L

Formula for volume of a gas at STP is,

STP = 4.190L


Problem 2: At 350K and 1100Torr the volume of a gas is 30L. Compute the volume of this gas at STP?


The numerics known to us are,

T = 350K

P = 1100Torr

Volume of the gas = 30L

for volume of a gas in STP the formula is,

STP = 33.868L

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