TN Board Class 12 Question Papers

Nothing beats answering question papers from previous exams when preparing for board exams. We have sourced the TN Board Class 12 Question Papers from some of the previous exams to help you not only understand the structure and pattern of these papers but also test yourself to know where exactly you stand.

Using question papers from previous exams can be particularly beneficial for the students from Science and Maths streams as you can find out which chapters and problem types examiners like to target. Whether it is derivations from Analytical Geometry or calculations from Physical Chemistry, there are always specific questions that tend to repeat in every question paper.

What’s more, when you sit down to answer a question paper for three hours just like the actual exam, you can exactly know the duration of time you take to complete each section. Are you spending too much time on objective type questions leaving you with less amount of time to answer the lengthy essay type questions? Answers to such questions can provide invaluable insights so you can prepare better.

Practise This Question

A thermally insulated rigid container contains an ideal gas at 27oC. It is fitted with a heating coil of resistance 50Ω. A current is passed through the coil for 10 minutes by connecting it to a d.c. source of 10 V. The change in the internal energy is 

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