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Geometry Worksheets Explained:

The geometry worksheets for grade 1 are designed with utmost precision to ensure a holistic understanding of the geometry concepts for 1st graders. The first grade geometry worksheets include some of the following important concepts:

  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - Students are introduced to various kinds of 2D shapes. These shapes are often noticed around us. In this concept, students are also made to understand the different kinds of 2D shapes and how different they are from each other.
  • 3 Dimensional Shapes - Students are introduced to 3D shapes and its importance in real life situations. These worksheets will help students to get a better understanding of 3D shapes that are a part of their everyday life as well.
  • Equal Shares - This concept focuses on equal shares of various shapes. Students will be able to understand how shapes are created and about their parts, when they are divided equally or unequally.

The geometry worksheets for grade 1 lend a holistic understanding of the different math concepts related to the introduction of geometry.


Benefits of Geometry Worksheets:

The geometry worksheets grade 1 are highly beneficial for students who are about to learn about different types of shapes. With the help of these worksheets, the students will be able to differentiate among various shapes and their uses in everyday life activities. The following first grade geometry worksheets will give an idea on the different concepts that have been introduced to the students:

  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - This worksheet focuses on different 2D shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles and triangles and methods to identify such shapes. With the help of this worksheet, students will learn about the different shapes and their uses in everyday life.
  • 3 Dimensional Shapes - This worksheet focuses on various 3D shapes such as cubes, cuboids, cylinders and cones, and their identification. Students will understand the importance of these 3D shapes while identifying them by their names.
  • Equal Shares - This worksheet focuses on dividing various shapes into equal parts and tests students on different shapes and their parts. As a result, students will be able to gauge how shapes are made.

There are three levels for each 1st grade geometry worksheet - easy, medium and hard. The difficulty level depends on the ability of students to comprehend the type of problems that appear in a particular level.


Printable and Interactive Worksheets PDFs:

The PDF based printable geometry worksheets for 1st grade can be solved offline once downloaded from the BYJU’S website. This will give the students ample scope to solve the worksheet problems without being restricted by a time limit. The PDF based worksheets are easy to download and solve. The tech based interactive worksheets for 1st grade students are solved in an online mode. These worksheets are timed and will encourage the students to participate in such time bound activities furthermore. The students are able to get the solutions instantly in the online mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shapes are defined as the outlines of objects.

2D or two-dimensional shapes are defined as shapes with two dimensions, width and height. 2D shapes are flat figures.

3D shapes are shapes that come with three dimensions, length, width, and depth.

Some examples of 2D shapes are the tops of books, the cap of a bottle, and smartphone screens. Examples of 3D shapes are Rubik’s cube, prisms and an ice cream cone.

Geometry worksheets have been designed with the motive to help students get more clarity on the concepts while solving them in a fun way. The questions in the worksheets cover the core topics and provide a comprehensive understanding of geometry for 1st graders.