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Measurement Worksheets

The main focus of the 1st grade measurement worksheet will be on various strategies used to measure the length of objects. Learning how to measure objects will prepare students for more complex topics in geometry that they will learn in higher grades. 

Practicing questions is the best way to learn the concept of measurements. Worksheets play a key role in progressing a student’s knowledge of this concept. Students will learn to use the most suitable method for measuring any given object by solving the questions in the first grade measurement worksheet. 

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This chapter discusses the basic idea of measurement of objects. Students will also learn to compare lengths after measuring the length of objects. Relearning this concept will help students solve the first grade measurement worksheet easily. 


Benefits of Measurement Worksheets

  • Measurement Worksheets (Easy)

Here, students will start by solving basic questions on the measurement of objects. Most questions in this worksheet will be based on finding the length of objects. 

  • Measurement Worksheets (Medium)

This first grade measurement worksheet will help students widen their understanding of the concept of measurement. The questions will employ multiple methods of measurement to make students think from different angles. 

  • Measurement Worksheets (Hard)

The harder version of the 1st grade measurement worksheets involves questions related to the comparison of measurements and different methods used for the measurement of objects. The questions in this worksheet will be more challenging than the previous worksheets, as it involves comparing measurements.


Measurement Worksheet PDFs

Students can opt to solve measurement worksheets in two ways: printable worksheets and interactive worksheets. Printable worksheets employ the traditional method of learning, using a pen and paper. These first grade measurement worksheets will help students get accustomed to the method of solving questions as taught in schools. On the other hand, interactive worksheets, as the name suggests, bring an interactive element into the learning process. Here, students will solve the questions, and they can scan the answers to get the result. Students can either download printable 1st grade measurement worksheets or the interactive version by clicking on the download button corresponding to each worksheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Measurement is a fundamental part of geometry. In order to learn more complex concepts, students need to be thorough with the concept of measurement. To achieve this level of understanding, students need to solve many questions. The worksheets available at BYJU’S Math are designed to help students advance their knowledge of measurements without any hurdles.

Real-world quantities related to objects or events are measured in order to express them or to compare them with other quantities with similar properties. In simple words, measurement is used to express how big or small a quantity is.

We can measure the length of objects by using a reference unit or by using a standard unit of measurement. For example, we can use the length of a paper clip to measure the length of a pencil, or we can use standard quantities by using a ruler to measure the same.

Measurement is used to express how big or how small a quantity is. Students need to understand the concepts of measurement to understand the world around them fully. Learning measurement will help students compare one object to another by looking at their properties.

With constant practice, measurement is actually easy to learn. BYJU’S Math enables students to learn concepts thoroughly through online classes, and practice questions through first grade measurement worksheets. BYJU’S Math provides students with the right set of resources that help students make learning a smooth process.