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Grade 1 Time Worksheets

The main focus of the 1st grade time worksheets will be on various strategies used to determine time across various intervals as well as across different types of clocks. These are the broad topics which will be covered in the worksheets as well as the common core textbook.

  • Tell Time to the Hour
  • Tell Time to the Half Hour
  • Tell Time to the Hour and Half Hour
  • Tell Time Using Analog and Digital Clocks

Learning how to tell time will prepare students to read time across time intervals that they will learn in higher grades. 

Practising questions is the best way to learn the concept of time. Grade 1 time worksheets play a key role in progressing a student’s knowledge of this concept. Students will learn to familiarise themselves with the different intervals of time by solving the questions in the first grade time worksheets. 

If you wish to brush up on different concepts of time before attempting any of the worksheets, click on the following links:

Benefits of grade 1 Time Worksheets

  • Time Worksheets (Easy)

Here, students will begin by figuring out simple problems dealing with determining time. Simple and direct questions will be the focus of the majority of the worksheet's questions.

  • Time Worksheets (Medium)

These first grade time worksheets will help students push their perception of determining time by applying it to various scenarios. The questions will be of different types and forms that will push students to think from different perspectives.

  • Time Worksheets (Hard)

The harder version of the 1st grade time worksheets involves word problems and other questions that can only be solved if the student is familiar with the easy and medium levels of the time worksheets. The problems in this worksheet will be more complex than the previous worksheets, as it involves application of the knowledge of operations with time across various scenarios.

Measurement Worksheet PDFs

Grade 1 Time Worksheet PDFs

There are two different options available for students: online worksheets or printable worksheets. PDF worksheets can be printed out and students can solve these worksheets with the now almost old-fashioned, yet effective, pen and paper method for solving and getting familiar with different types of questions. These grade 1 time worksheets for first grade will aid students in becoming familiar with the approach to problem-solving that is taught in classrooms. By clicking the download button students can choose to download the printable version of the first grade time worksheets in a PDF format. Conversely, online worksheets offer an interactive approach, and that provide a hands-on component to the learning process, as the name implies. Students will answer the questions here and then observe the solutions to understand the strategies to solve the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time is defined by physicists as the flow of events from the past through the present and into the future. In essence, a system is timeless if it is unchanging. When describing events that take place in three-dimensional space, time can be thought of as the fourth dimension of reality. We cannot see, touch, or taste it, but we can measure the passage of time.

We can measure time using an analogue or a digital clock. In the past time used to be measured using an hourglass, a water clock or a candle clock.

Time is used to determine the instance as to when an event has taken place. Irrespective of which field a student wishes to follow, the basic skill of determining time is a necessity. Students need to understand the concepts of time to function in the world around them.

Measurement is a fundamental part of mathematics. In order to learn more complex concepts, students need to be thorough with the concept of measurement. To achieve this level of understanding, students need to solve many questions. The worksheets available at BYJU’S Math are designed to help students advance their knowledge of time without any hurdles.

With constant practice, determining time is actually easy to learn. BYJU’S Math enables students to learn concepts thoroughly through online classes, and practice questions through first-grade time worksheets. BYJU’S Math provides students with the right set of resources that help students by making learning a smooth process.