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6th Grade integers Worksheets Explained:

The integers worksheets for grade 6 helps students to understand the definition, examples and mathematical operations on integers. The concept of integers will follow the student through each grade in their journey through math across higher grades. In these worksheets a student will go through the concepts such as the number line, representation of different quantities and using integers to model real life questions. These sixth grade integers worksheets contain questions related to the following topics:

  • Representation of integers on number lines: A number line is a visual representation of numbers on a straight line. All real numbers can be represented on a number line. These integers worksheets for grade 6 contain questions in which integers are represented on a number line.    
  • Opposites of integers: Two numbers that are the same distance from 0 on a number line, but on the opposite sides of 0, are called opposites. Questions related to opposites are seen in easy level worksheets and can be solved easily.   
  • Applying integers to model real life problems: The online free integers worksheets for grade 6 contain context based questions where integers are used to represent quantities.  
  • Comparing and ordering integers: Each integer has a specific position on a number line. On the basis of the position of integers a student can compare and order different integers. This is an easy and interesting activity, in which a student will have fun solving the questions. 

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Benefits of 6th Grade Integers Worksheets:

  • Integers worksheets (Easy): These sixth grade integers worksheets help the student to recall the various terms and operations related to integers. These free printable worksheets allure the student to learn concepts and apply them in the classroom.  
  • Integers worksheets (Medium): Printable and online integers worksheets for grade 6 enable the student to perform various operations on integers to solve different problems. It also helps the student to strengthen the ability to quickly solve problems on integers. These worksheets also help to improve the aptitude of a student.
  • Integers worksheets (Hard): These online as well as printable free integers worksheets for sixth grade help students to understand specific types of problems in which the solutions to these problems have either two, or more than two steps to be implemented, implying that there may by more than two operations applied to integers to solve problems. This prepares students to create strategies to solve such challenging problems. Such worksheets also help the student to improve their problem solving skills for future grades.    

Printable PDFs & Online 6th Grade Worksheets:

Free printable integers worksheets for 6th grade act as an excellent resource to boost skills related to solving problems on integers, and to prepare students for school tests and other aptitude exams. The 6th grade integers worksheets assist the student in developing a comprehensive grasp of the application of integers. Attempting challenging questions that appear in higher grades is an added advantage. The integers worksheets for grade 6 covers basic application, such as representation on the number line, finding opposites, comparing and ordering, applying integers to model real life problems. The online sixth grade integers worksheets are supported by images, which make learning interesting. Timed online worksheets also help the student to enhance time management skills, especially while solving particular types of questions. With these timed worksheets the student can also compare scores and time spent on the worksheets with classmates and challenge them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

To compare two integers a student represents these integers on the number line and inspect the position of both integers. Numbers to the right are greater than numbers to the left.

When students solve worksheets on their own, it promotes active learning as they feel a sense of accomplishment. It raises the curiosity level about integers in relation to specific topics, and in turn, enables them to take up more challenging questions. In the integers worksheets for grade 6 from BYJU’S Math, students also learn the method of applying step-wise solutions that further strengthens their understanding about integers.

The opposite of zero is zero as 0 cannot be assigned a sign like plus or minus, and there cannot be a negative value attached to 0.

These sixth grade integers worksheets covers the following topics:

  • Representation of integers on the number line
  • Comparison of integers
  • Opposites of integers
  • Operations on integers

Free online interactive grade 6 integers worksheets link learning multiple concepts with a fun element. These worksheets follow the common core math structure and assist the student to be completely familiar with the methods and terms used in 6th grade.