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Comparing Fractions Worksheets

Whether it is splitting a whole pizza equally among your friends or figuring out the discount price of your favorite item in the store, or dividing a restaurant bill, fractions are all around you. Fractions are significant as they tell you what portion of a whole you want, need, or have, and you can make this decision only by comparing two fractions. Comparing fractions worksheets help children understand how to determine the larger and smaller fraction among two parts. We compare fractions in our daily life unknowingly. For instance, we deal with fractions every time we slice an apple into two parts. Children can explore all fraction comparison concepts in comparing fraction worksheets through models and visuals. Fractions are typically introduced in grade 4, and once kids get a grasp of fraction concepts, they can begin solving comparing fraction worksheets from grade 5. Fractions is an elementary math topic and comparing fractions can act as the building blocks for future mathematical topics....Read MoreRead Less

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Benefits of Comparing Fractions worksheets

Real-world examples

Fractions surround us in our daily lives, be it while eating, shopping, tests, or telling time. Comparing fractions worksheets online leverage this feature by basing their problems on real- world examples and scenarios. Children can relate better to these problems and understand them better.

Improve problem-solving skills

Online comparing fractions worksheets expose children to different fraction problems and increase their speed in understanding and solving them. In addition, the worksheets boost the logical reasoning and problem-solving skills of the child.

Simple, step-wise approach

Most math comparing fractions worksheets do not involve complex calculations that can overwhelm a child. They are designed in a simple manner by conveying the concepts through images, real-life situations, puzzles, and games. The online comparing fractions worksheets use visualization to help students understand fraction problems step-by-step involving simple calculations. Once students grasp basic concepts and move forward to higher levels, they will improve their problem-solving abilities. 

Innovative methods

Comparing fractions worksheets go beyond the traditional methods of learning fractions, such as pie charts. They incorporate innovative methods such as number lines, models, and games. These innovative techniques take the anxiety and fear of fraction learning from the minds of children. Activity-based worksheets help children absorb facts faster and retain them better. 

Building blocks for higher grades

Understanding fractions is crucial as we cannot escape fractions in real life. Comparing fractions worksheets online focuses on teaching the kids the value of each fraction based on numerator and denominator and comparing them to find the greater and lesser one. Through worksheets, a child becomes comfortable and confident in understanding basic fractions that are building blocks for other math skills. In addition, the comparing fractions worksheets provide enough practice to prepare children for other fraction operations such as addition, subtraction etc.

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