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Linear Equations Worksheets

A linear equation is defined as an equation written for two contrasting variables. This equation is a linear combination of these two variables. Any linear equation plotted on a graph inevitably creates a straight line. There can be linear equations using one variable or multiple variables. The formula for linear equations is case-by-case and depends on the number of variables used.  Students are asked to calculate parameters or coefficients in linear equation worksheets using a linear equation formula....Read MoreRead Less

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Benefits of Linear Equation Worksheets:

Look around you and there are linear equations everywhere in our daily life. Linear equation worksheets can be of assistance for students when they step out into the real world. Ways in which we use linear equations on a daily basis are:

Calculating rates

Linear equation worksheets can prepare students for real world applications by helping them learn how to use these equations to determine the ratios of exchange rates, literacy rates, rate of consumption of electricity in an individual’s house, heart beat rates, and much more.

Making predictions

Mathematical models can be used to represent real-world situations. These models, often in the form of linear equations, can be used for many important issues such as predicting population changes in the next ten years, the possibility of rainfall using humidity as a variable, or calculating the distance at which two trains may meet, utilizing the velocities of both the trains as variables, or determining marketing policy changes.

Learning how to plot graphs

Curve-fitting is an essential mathematical skill. In science, plotting graphs are necessary for almost every experiment. Additionally, graph-potting helps students realize the importance of the extrapolation of data. Online linear equations worksheets can also help students learn about how to use various software such as Origin and MS Excel to plot points on a curve and draw inferences from experiments.

Exposure to statistical data Students become aware of how to handle statistical data when a curve is straightened. Values can be entered into graph-plotting software and easily fitted without a student manually plotting points on graph paper. The resultant databases can be crucial in conducting surveys related to the number of people succumbing to diseases, the number of businesses that have fallen prey to the financial crisis, and other similar scenarios.

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