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Ratio and Proportions Worksheets

Ratio and proportions worksheets help students compare two similar quantities deriving a ratio. When both ratios in an equation are equal, they are determined to be in proportion. Ratio and proportion concepts are crucial to young learners, in both math class and the real world. Printable ratio and proportion worksheets feature problems tied to real world experience. Worksheets may include questions regarding the expression and comparison of rations in simpler forms in relation to height, weight, distance, and time. These problems are presented using real-life scenarios such as adjusting a recipe when cooking or making a business deal. Ratio and proportion worksheets are a great study aid for young learners....Read MoreRead Less

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Benefits of Ratio and Proportions Worksheets:

Develop logical reasoning:

Students can further develop their logical reasoning when they practice and solve problems regularly using ratio and proportions worksheets. These skills are beneficial not only in successively solving math problems, but in the real world as well.

Phased approach:

Ratio and proportions worksheets feature problems presented in a graded structure. The step-by-step design allows for students to begin with simple problems and gradually increase in difficulty level. As students move to higher level worksheets, their understanding of the concept can improve. 

Self-paced study:

Students are encouraged to work through the different levels of ratio and proportions worksheets at their own pace. Students can repeat worksheets when needed to develop an understanding of difficult concepts. 

Interactive formats:

Ratio and proportion worksheets are visually stimulating and interactive, which can keep a student engaged and prevent boredom.

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