Animal Adjectives Worksheet

Animals are categorised into two sections: Domestic animals and Wild animals. Wild animals are hard to tame as they are habituated to live in natural habitats. Due to this way of living, most of the wild animals cannot be domesticated and are considered as dangerous. Only mammalian creatures can be domesticated.

Domestic animals are those animals which have been tamed for a long time and that have been bred in captivity for many generations. Due to this, they tend to change their appearance and behaviour when compared to wild animals.

Identification of domestic or wild animals can be made by their appearance and behaviour. This task can be made easy for the children by arranging pictures, videos, and touch-sensitive pictures. Digital or online worksheets can be provided for these tasks that help children to improve their motor skills, such as visualisation and touch sensitivity.

Wild animals can be identified with their ferocious looks and beaming sounds. Domestic animals are identified with their smooth and tamed looks. Another category of animals is poisonous and non-poisonous animals. These are dangerous in nature, and few have the tendency to engulf a large organism at once.

In English vocabulary, a word that describes a noun is known as an adjective. The description is made according to the size, shape, nature, texture, number, etc. Hence, both the wild and domestic animals are described using particular adjectives. The picture below explains the terms used for describing each animal.

Animal Adjectives Worksheet

The animal adjective worksheet consists of various activities for the kids to understand and learn about the animals in an interactive and fun way. They describe the animals according to their size, sound, shape and nature. These worksheets help the children to understand about the animals easily and memorise them for a longer duration. Worksheets also include sound orientation, which provides the kids to improve their listening skills and identify the animal. Animal adjective worksheets describe the characteristics and sounds of different animals to provide a better understanding to the children.

Worksheets also include matching the animals according to the description provided and filling the spaces accordingly. This enables the kids to learn about the animal features in depth and develop sentences to describe the animals in a correct manner. Fun activity worksheets are also designed to make the children learn the sentence structure and involve them in learning new things in a playful manner.

The above picture explains about the animal description and to fill the spaces with correct answers. This exercise improves the colour identification ability in children. It also clearly shows how to use the adjectives for the children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of animals for kids?

Animals are living things. Like human beings, animals survive on food and water. Animals feed on plants or other living organisms for food.

How can we describe a lion?

The lion consists of a long body, a large head, and short legs. Size and appearance change according to gender. The male’s outstanding characteristic is his mane, which varies between different individuals and populations.

What adjectives describe animals?

Adjectives to describe animals are friendly, aggressive, fast, intelligent, poisonous, quiet, noisy, dangerous etc.

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