Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet


The present indefinite tense is defined as the action that is done in the present but there is no definite time limit for finishing it. Present indefinite tense can be used to express true events, near future, habit, nature, etc. Example: Megha loves chocolate cake.

The present indefinite tense can also be used for habitual events which happen regularly.

Example: Rahul goes to school every day.

The formula for using present indefinite tense is: subject + verb + object.

Present Indefinite Tense in Negative Format

The formula for using the tense in a negative sentence is:

Do/does + not + [root form of verb]. Instead of do not or does not, the contraction word don’t or doesn’t can also be used. Some Examples are:

  • Sana does not want to share the cake.
  • Mohak does not want to attend his music class.

In order to make the verb to be negative, the formula is [to be] + not. Example:

  • Ravi is not a cake lover, but Sara for sure is.

Present Indefinite Tense and Present Time

To speak about the present time situations, we can use present simple or present indefinite tense. Various situations are:

  • Something that is true right now
  • Anything that occurs regularly in the present
  • A statement/thing/event that is always correct

Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet

The present indefinite worksheet explains about the various scenarios that are ongoing in our everyday life. It provides the differentiation between the usage of present tense and present indefinite tense during sentence formation.

The image below speaks about a scenario related to astronauts’ daily life. Spaces are provided in between to use the appropriate word following the present indefinite tense rule. Using the below example, children can make sentences about their everyday life.

Interactive exercises that are helpful for children’s overall development are provided by BYJU’s. The worksheets are available in BYJU’S website in both printable and digital format.

Frequently Asked Questions on Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet

What are the Uses of Present Indefinite Tense?

The different types of actions for which the Present Indefinite Tense is used are:

  • To describe a universal truth: The earth revolves around the sun; Man is Mortal; The sun rises in the east.
  • For an action happening in the present: Boys play a football match; I read a book; She sings a song.
  • For Activities of habitual nature and those with adverbs like always, never, seldom and rarely. For example, I never tell a lie; Maya always speaks the truth; Varun’s office starts at 11 am.
  • For events scheduled in the near future: Riya’s school opens next week; The third semester begins next month.

What is meant by indefinite tense?

“Indefinite tense” is a category of verb tense. It covers the simple past tense, the simple present tense, and the simple future tense. In comparison with the other tenses, the indefinite tense describes actions without specifically mentioning whether the actions are completed or ongoing.

What is the helping verb in the present indefinite tense?

In present indefinite tenses the 1st form of verb is used. If the subject contains (he, she, it or a single name) then there is addition of s or es with verbs. “Do and Does” are used as a helping verb in case of negative or interrogative sentences.

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