2 Digit Number Addition Calculator

(tens) (ones)

(tens) (ones)

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The 2 Digit Number Addition Calculator is an online tool that shows the result for the given input. BYJU’S addition Calculator makes calculations simple and interesting. For the given inputs, we can quickly get the results without any manual computations.

How to Use 2 Digit Number Addition Calculator?

To solve addition problems based on two-digits, use the calculator given here.

Step 1: Mention the two numbers in the four input fields as per tens place and ones place of digits in numbers.

Step 2: Click on “Solve” button to get the result

Step 3: The sum of two numbers will appear in the output field


  1. 22+10 = 32
  2. 12+88 = 100
  3. 99+11 = 110
  4. 67+33 = 100
  5. 19+55 = 74

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