5th Root Calculator

5th root calculator will help to find the 5th root number. To define 5th root number, it is the number which when multiplied by itself 5 times gives the original number. Using 5th root calculator, one can easily find the 5th root of any number easily. The general equation of a 5th root is given by-

\(\large \sqrt[5]{x=x^{\frac{1}{5}}}\)

Example of 5th Root of Numbers

5th Root of 1 = 1 Fifth root of 7,776 = 6
Fifth root of 32 = 2 Fifth root of 7,776 = 7
Fifth root of 243 = 3 Fifth root of 32,768 = 8
Fifth root of 1,024 = 4 Fifth root of 59,049 = 9
Fifth root of 3,125 = 5 Fifth root of 100,000 = 10

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