Aluminium Hydroxide Formula

Aluminium Hydroxide formula (or aluminum hydroxide formula) has been given and discussed in this article. Aluminium hydroxide is an inorganic compound and shows amphoteric properties i.e. it acts both as an acid and a base. Check out classification of oxides to know more about amphoteric oxides.

Aluminium Hydroxide Formula

The aluminium hydroxide molecule is formed by an aluminium cation and three hydroxyl anions. Its molar mass is 78.00 g/mol and its lattice structure is dependent on the mineral from where it is extracted.

Aluminium Hydroxide Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula of Aluminium Hydroxide: AlOH3

Aluminium Hydroxide Structural Formula

Aluminium hydroxide structure


Aluminium Hydroxide has several advantages and is mainly used as intermediary in organic synthesis and as an additive in pharmaceutical industries. Even in chemical industry, aluminium hydroxide is used flame retardant, additive for glass, etc.

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