Ammonium Carbonate Formula

Ammonium Carbonate Formula, which is also known as Baker’s Ammonia formula or diammonium salt formula is given in this article. It is a chemical compound which consists of ammonium and carbonate ions. The chemical or molecular formula for Ammonium Carbonate is (NH4)2CO3.

It is a colourless crystalline solid or white powder, with a strong odour of ammonia and has a Sharp ammoniacal taste. It is non-combustible and is soluble in water. When it reacts with acids it forms ammonium salt and carbon dioxide. When it reacts with bases it produces ammonia gas. It is produced by blending carbon dioxide and aqueous ammonia.

It is widely used as a leavening agent and as smelling salt due to its property of degrading to gaseous ammonia and carbon dioxide when heated.

Structural Formula Of Ammonium Carbonate (Baker’s Ammonia)

Structural Formula Of Ammonium Carbonate

Properties Of Ammonium Carbonate (Baker’s Ammonia)

The chemical formula of Ammonium Carbonate (NH4)2CO3
Molecular weight 96.09 g/mol
Density 1.50 g/cm3
Melting point 58 °C
Boiling point Decomposes

It is very harmful to the environment and some major steps to avoid it should be taken immediately.

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