Angular Momentum Formula


The degree to which a body rotates, gives its angular momentum. It is designated by L. Angular Momentum Formula is articulated as

the angular velocity is ω. The moment of inertia of the rotating body about axis of rotation is I, and the angular momentum is L,When regarding linear momentum the Angular momentum is articulated by

the linear momentum is the radius of the body is r from the axis crossing through center x signifies the cross product

It is articulated in kilogram meter square per second (kg m2/s). Angular Momentum formula is made use of in computing the angular momentum of the particle and also to find the parameters associated to it.

Angular Momentum Samples

Problem 1: A solid cylinder of mass 500 kg rotates about its axis with angular speed of 90ms-1. If the radius of the cylinder is 0.5 m. Compute the angular momentum of the cylinder about its axis?

Given: Mass M = 500 kg,
Angular speed ω = 90 ms-1,
Radius r = 0.5 m,

Moment of Inertia I

The angular momentum is given by L =

Problem 2: Compute the angular momentum of the rod of radius 1 m and mass 2 kg spinning with velocity 5 rad/s?

Given: Radius r = 1 m,
Mass M = 2 kg,
Angular Velocity ωω = 5 rad/s
The angular momentum is articulated by L = I ω
= Mr2 ω
= 2 × 12 × 5
= 10 kg m2 s-1.


Practise This Question

A circular platform is free to rotate in a horizontal plane about vertical axis passing through its centre. A tortoise is sitting at the edge of the platform. Now, the platform is given an angular velocity ω0. When the tortoise move along a chord of the platform with a constant velocity (with respect to the platform). The angular velocity of the platform ω(t) will vary with time t as