AP Board Class 10 Science Important Questions

Studying Science for Class 10 conceptually is very important not only to excel in the written exams, but also to crack some competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE etc. In our day to day, Science plays an important role, and it is still a common subject for Class 10 students. Scoring a high percentage in AP Board Class 10 Science is not difficult, if the students correctly understand the concepts and study strategies properly. Important questions for Class 10 Science is an important resource for the students preparing for the Class 10 examination. These AP Board Class 10 Science important questions also cover the Biology important questions for Class 10 (SSC). 

Class 10 is considered as an important stage in career-making, thus students should focus full attention and should practice important questions of Class 10 Science, which can be asked in Class 10 Board exams. All important questions given here are as per the latest AP Board Class 10 Science syllabus and solving these important questions will help students a lot in their school as well as board exams. Another significant resource that helps the students to prepare for the exams is the ap 10th class previous question papers free download

Practising important questions for Class 10 Science AP Board is highly beneficial, because it gets the students accustomed to the pattern of the exam, which will eventually make them confident. It will also help them to understand the exam pattern, such as marks distribution and topics frequently asked. These important questions of Class 10 Science are designed by subject experts by taking reference from the previous year question paper of Science and solving them will help the students to improve their time and approach.

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1. Calculate the volume, mass and number of molecules of hydrogen liberated when 230g of sodium reacts with excess of water at S.T.P. (atomic mass of Na = 23U, O = 16U and H = 1U).

2. During winter season you wear woolen clothes to keep your body warm. How woolen clothes helps us keep our body warm.

3. Suresh can see the objects clearly which are beyond 3m. So he consulted the doctor and the doctor suggested him some lens.

a) What type of eye defect he has?

b) What kind of lens, doctor suggested him to overcome the eye defect?

c) What is the focal length of the lens?

4. Explain a chemical reaction to show the difference between Ethyl alchol and Acetic Acid?

5. We can’t perform the experiment of green plants by keeping them in sunlight and do the respiratory experiment. Why?

6. Write the differences between homologus and analogous organs.?

7. What Questions do you ask the doctor to know the Contageous means to got HIV? Write them.

8. Write any four Contexts that you save the electrical Consumption at home.

9. When respiration takes when place, where will the energy goes from Glusoe. Padma wrote ‘Lungs’ and Veni wrote “Muscles”. Who is correct? Why ?

10. The farmers of your locality are using chemical fertilizers. But suggested them to use natural fertilizers. Prepare a plamplent to explain the need of Bio fertilisers.

11. Draw a well labeled diagram of Nephron and explain the ultra-filteration

12. What happens when you keep a potted plant at your window ? Write your reasons.

13. Write the differen ces between Arteries and veins in a format depending upon the Capillary walls, valves, blood flow in capillary, blood pressure over the copillaries.

14. Draw a well labelled diagram of villi of small intestine and write its main function.

15. Prepare four sloguns on the need of protection of our environment

16. An electric installation of 100 lamps each drawing 0.2 amp current at 220 V supply. Find the cost of working of installation for a month of 30 days at 5 hours per day, if the energy used costs at Rs. 2 per unit.

17. State the properties and uses of Junction Transistor.

18. What is simple harmonic motion? Write down its characteristics?

19. Distinguish between orbit and orbital.

20. Compare the properties of α, β and g radiations.

21. Write the role of lenses in our daily life.

22. Explain the structure of cell-organelle that performs the photosynthesis, with the help of a labelled diagram

23.   A house has four tube lights, three fans and a television. Each tube light draws 40 W. The fan draws 80 W and the television draws 100 W. On an average, all the tube lights are kept on for 5 hours, all fans for 12 hours and the television for 6 hours every day. Find the cost of electric energy used in 30 days at the rate of Rs. 3.00 per KWH.

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