AP Board Class 4 Syllabus - Maths, EVS and English

AP Board Class 4 Syllabus Maths, EVS and English are essential for students to know before the beginning of the academic session. The syllabus of Class 4 contains information about the course content of Maths, EVS and English. It covers the complete summary of the chapters along with the topics and subtopics mentioned in each chapter. In this article, we have provided AP Board Class 4 syllabus of Maths, EVS and English, which describes the topics and concepts to be covered while preparing for the examinations. Having a clear understanding of the syllabus will help students to fetch more marks in the exam.

Download AP Board Class 4 Syllabus of Maths, EVS And English PDF 2020-21

AP Board Class 4 Syllabus of EVS

Chapter 1: Changing Family Structure

Chapter 2: Different Rules and Games

Chapter 3: Various Types of Animals

Chapter 4: Discover The Lifestyles of the Wild- Biodiversity

Chapter 5: Plants Around Us

Chapter 6: Find The Way/Directions

Chapter 7: Public Institutions

Chapter 8: Houses-Construction- Sanitation

Chapter 9: Our Village-Our Tanks

Chapter 10: Our Food-Our Health

Chapter 11: From Village To Delhi

Chapter 12: Indian History And Culture


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