AP Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 Natural resources

The AP Class 10 Biology chapter 10 Natural Resources, discusses the human interventions affecting natural resources and the efforts that are being made to sustain and save them. There is a dire need to manage resources more than ever, as it is essential for their conservation and restoration.

How to Conserve?

  • Resources are most often local specific and people need to have control over them.
  • People should be encouraged to reduce pressure on the environment by reducing the utilisation of resources and should be encouraged to reuse them if possible.
  • We must use exhaustible fuels such as fossil fuels, coal and petroleum judiciously.
  • Interstate and intercountry disputes should not hamper the availability of a resource.

In the next section, let us answer a few chapter questions to better understand the concepts discussed in the chapter.

Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 Natural resources

  1. The BP Statistical Review of World Energy in June measured total global oil at 188.8 million tonnes, from proved oil resources at the end of 2010. This is only enough for oil to last for the next 46.2 years. What measures should be taken to conserve oil? What will happen if we do not conserve it?
  2. Prepare a model for rainwater harvesting or energy saving are soil management. That reflects your innovative thoughts.
  3. Does your village or nearest city have a mechanism in place for recycling these waste materials? Find out how it is done and write in detail.
  4. Proper utilisation of natural resources is the way to show gratitude to our nation. Can you support this statement? Give your argument.
  5. Crop selection and cultivation should be based on the availability of water. Prepare a slogan to make aware of farmers about this?

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