Assam Board Class 12 Books

Textbooks are a great tool which students can utilize to get detailed information about many things. The books also act as a perfect guide for students in learning various subjects and preparing effectively for the exams. While books are an important study tool, the Assam Board is aware of the academic needs of the students and prescribes textbooks accordingly. As of 2014, in accordance with a decision to follow the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005, the board has adopted NCERT textbooks.

The board has stated that its decision to follow NCERT books is mainly to offer greater benefits to the students and help them be on par with other board students. The board is also of the opinion that by following such textbook and syllabus it will help Assam board students to prepare productively for national level competitive exams. The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council also consist of prominent educators and members who are always focused on bringing the most relevant and best quality of education for students.

Key Highlights of Assam Board Textbook

Some of the main highlights of Assam Board textbooks are;

  • The books are well structured and offer detailed learning content. The books usually contain diagrams, pictures, flowcharts, explanations and more.
  • The books provide helpful exercises and chapter questions which students can solve and at the same time get a clearer understanding of the topics.
  • The language and the format used in the books are simple and easy to understand.
  • Many competitive exam questions are based on the topics from the NCERT textbook and Assam board textbooks are based on it.

Students can get a hold of Assam Board Class 12 book PDF from below;

Assam Board Class 12 Maths Book Part 1
Assam Board Class 12 Maths Book Part 2
Assam Board Class 12 Physics Book Part 1
Assam Board Class 12 Physics Book Part 2
Assam Board Class 12 Chemistry Book Part 1
Assam Board Class 12 Chemistry Book Part 2
Assam Board Class 12 Biology Book Part 1

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