Assam Board Class 7 Books

The Assam State Textbook Production is responsible for printing the publications for various classes whereas publication corporation Limited helps to publish and distribute the books across the various regions of the state. The books are published in nine mediums namely English, Bodo, Assamese, Bengali, Garo, Manipuri, Nepali, Karbi, Hmar. The books are published from class 1 to class 8.For class 9 and class 10, textbooks are published in five languages like English, Bodo, Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri.

Good textbook should have:

  • Visuals
  • Exercises
  • Clear content

The textbook should always have positivities. Like human values, linking life skills, positive messages about education and empowerment of girls and Women. Science, Mathematics and English textbooks are framed to develop the student skills. Human values like caring and sharing,conservation of nature, giving respect to elders are incorporated in textbooks.

Activities and exercises given in each chapter help the students that how much they understand the concept and come to know that how those concepts are involved in our daily life. It develops their creativity and imagination. The Language and visuals included in the textbooks are gender inclusive.

Click the below link to download class 7 Maths and Science textbooks:

Class 7 Mathematics Textbook

Class 7 Science Textbook


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