Assam Board class 7 Previous Year Maths And Science Question Papers

The Secret of getting high is getting started.With the help of syllabus, find the learning objective, visualise the concepts, understand it and present in your final examination. In Students academics life, exam preparation is the most important part. Once the Student knows about the methodology regarding the preparation of exams, they will definitely score good marks.

Exam tips to score good marks

  • Make a plan
  • Design a schedule
  • Revise your syllabus
  • Don’t skip topics
  • Practice with previous year question Papers

Practising the previous year question paper reveals the patterns like how much mark is allotted for a particular topic and what kind of questions will be asked in your exam. If you come to know about that, you will definitely do your best in exams. Try to take the test using previous year question papers and practice it more. It will help you to increase the speed of writing answer and it manages time to answer all the questions. Believe in yourself that you will always do your best.

Get the previous year class 7 Maths and Science question papers by clicking the link below:

Previous Year Maths Question Paper

Previous Year Science Question Paper


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