How To Prepare English For Bank Exams

Though English is the easiest and most scoring section in the bank exams, still many candidates fail to clear the section. In all the bank exams, there is a sectional cut-off which a candidate has to clear in order to clear the test and the candidates without a strong English foundation find it very onerous.

Well, it’s never too late to start anything and so, here few preparation tips are given for all those toiling aspirants who strive to achieve their goal of cracking the bank exams.

  • The foremost thing before starting the preparation in English is to get perfectly acquainted with the syllabus and pattern of the English Paper.

It is very necessary to know the type of questions asked in the English section so as to start your preparation accordingly. The basic pattern includes comprehension, grammar, cloze test and jumbled sentences.

  • Reading newspapers daily.

This will not only help to improve the reading skills but also enriches the general awareness of the candidates. Also, make sure not to skip the editorial page. The editorial page might not be the most interesting page but this is the best way to get comfortable with various writing styles.

  • Enhancing the Vocabulary.

Learning new words is very important since it will help the candidates to do the synonyms and antonym questions. To increase the vocabulary, start learning 10-15 words daily and list them in a notebook. After listing the new words start using those in sentences and that will ensure you remember the words well.

  • Working on improving the grammar skills.

Many grammar based questions that are asked in the paper are fill in the blanks, Para jumbles, error detection etc. To ensure accurate answering to these questions mentioned, one must be very well versed with the grammar.

There are many books available and you can follow one of those standard books according to your wish. Practice more questions so to get the required accuracy and confidence to answer in the bank exam papers.

  • Solving sample papers and previous year papers.

Now, it is very important for the candidates to start solving mock papers and analyze their level of skills. Also, by solving the previous year question papers, you can have an idea of the level of the English in the exam.

With proper dedication and efforts, there is nothing that cannot be achieved and the given tips will ensure that you are a step ahead for the exam.

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