Bihar Board Important Questions for Class 12 Physics

The Bihar Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus is designed in such a way that it develops curiosity & passion for learning among the Science stream students. Learning Physics also opens a wide range of career options for the students. But, for that students should have good scores in Physics Class 12 Bihar Board exam. And scoring good percentile in Physics needs strong commands. Therefore, to help in preparation here we have provided the Bihar Board Class 12 Physics Important Question. Referring to the BSEB 12th Class Physics Important Questions helps the students to get acquainted with solving the questions, thus making it easier for them to face the board exams.

This set of Bhautik Vigyan 12 Bihar Board Important Questions will brainstorm your thinking & analytical skills. These questions are being created by the subject experts & based on the latest Bihar Board Class 12 Syllabus. These questions are the best learning resources for the students, as it consists of all difficulty level of questions i.e easy, medium & tough questions.

How to answer for Bihar Board Intermediate 2nd year Important Questions to Score More Marks?

In order to score good marks in the भौतिक विज्ञान subject of Bihar Board Class 12, students have to write answers in the following ways:

  • For numerical problems, always write the formula & answer it in the steps.
  • If in case due to calculation mistakes final answer is wrong, then also students will get some marks if they have followed the steps.
  • For long questions, write the descriptive answers.
  • If students are confident, then only choose to solve the numerical problem.
  • For short answers like 1 marks questions, just write 3-4 lines answers only.

Download Bihar Board Important Questions for Class 12 Physics

Here we have provided the set of Bihar Board Class 12 भौतिक विज्ञान Important Questions that consist of long answers. Students can practice shorts as well as long answers questions from the Bihar Board Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers for all subjects.

The Questions below consist of long answers:

Q1. With the help of mean and labeled diagram explain the working principle of a transformer. Mention different types of losses in a transformer?

Q2. Explain Biot-Savart law. With its help derive an expression for the magnetic field at any point on the axis of a current carrying circular loop?

Q3. What do you mean by Photoelectric effect? State and derive Einstein’s Photoelectric equation?

Q4. State and explain refraction through convex spherical surfaces.

Q5. With the help of mean and labeled diagram explain the construction, working principle, and sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer? Mention its conversion into ammeter & voltmeter.

Q6. Define parallel plate capacitor. Explain its construction and working principle of the parallel plate capacitor. Derive an expression for its capacitance?

Q7. Verify laws of reflection or laws of refraction on the basis of Huygen’s wave theory?

Q8. Give postulates of Bohr’s theory. Explain the hydrogen spectrum on the basis of Bohr’s theory.

Q9. Define a nuclear fission reaction. Mention its nuclear reaction which takes place in a nuclear reactor?

Q10. Calculate the frequency associated with a photon of energy 3.3 × 10–20 J.

Q11. Calculate the radius of a nucleus of mass number 8.

Q12. State and explain different types of Telescope. With the help of neat and labeled diagram explain the working and magnifying power of an Astronomical telescope?

Q13. Deduce an expression for a parallel plate capacitor with a dielectric slab?

Q14. Define nuclear reactor. Discuss its different components with their functions. Draw diagram also.

Q15. What is the dl-Broglie wavelength associated with an electron, accelerated through a potential difference of 100 volts?

Q16. An astronomical telescope having a magnifying power of 8 consists of two thin lenses 45 cm apart. Find the focal length of the lenses.

Q17. Discuss common transistor biasing in the case of the p-n-p transistor. Discuss its characteristics curve and current amplification factor?

Q18. What do you mean by Wheatstone bridge? Discuss its balanced condition?

Q19. Deduce Prism equation and find the expression for minimum deviation produced by a prism?

Q20. Calculate the resistance of two coils if their equivalent resistance in series and parallel are respectively 18 ohms and 4 ohms.

Click to download the Bihar Board Class 12 भौतिक विज्ञान Important Questions PDF here. These questions will help students to pass the Physics subject with flying colours. Moreover, Stay tuned for the latest updates on Bihar Board exam.

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