Bihar Board Class 10 Maths Textbook

Bihar board Class 10 textbooks are designed in such a way, so as to attract the students and interest them in a particular subject. Hence, we can say that the Bihar Board 10th Class Maths book, also help the students to enjoy the subject and learn it thoroughly. These books are designed keeping in mind the fact that Maths is more about reasoning power rather than just blindly applying the formulae and algorithms. Students normally use the Bihar Board 10th Maths book to understand and master the concepts of the subject thoroughly for the exams.

Some major concepts discussed in the Bihar Board Class 10 Maths Textbook include Real numbers, Polynomials, Quadratic equations, Triangles, Statistics, Probability and so on. Students can get details about the Bihar board matric exams from here.

Here, for the convenience of the students we have given the chapter-wise PDFs of the Bihar Board Class 10 Maths Textbooks in both Hindi and English medium. Students can download it from the table below:

Download the Bihar Board Class 10 Maths Textbooks PDFs

Bihar Board Class 10 Maths Textbook

Chapter Names  

Hindi Medium

English Medium
Real Numbers Chapter 1 In Hindi Chapter 1 In English
Polynomials Chapter 2 In Hindi Chapter 2 In English
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Chapter 3 In Hindi Chapter 3 In English
Quadratic Equations Chapter 4 In Hindi Chapter 4 In English
Arithmetic Progressions Chapter 5 In Hindi Chapter 5 In English
Triangles Chapter 6 In Hindi Chapter 6 In English
Coordinate Geometry Chapter 7 In Hindi Chapter 7 In English
Introduction To Trigonometry Chapter 8 In Hindi Chapter 8 In English
Some Applications of Trigonometry Chapter 9 In Hindi Chapter 9 In English
Circles Chapter 10 In Hindi Chapter 10 In English
Constructions Chapter 11 In Hindi Chapter 11 In English
Areas Related to Circles Chapter 12 In Hindi Chapter 12 In English
Surface Areas And Volumes Chapter 13 In Hindi Chapter 13 In English
Statistics Chapter 14 In Hindi Chapter 14 In English
Probability Chapter 15 In Hindi Chapter 15 In English

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