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Bihar School Education Board(BSEB) stands tall as an autonomous institute operating under the Government of Bihar. The board aims at enabling students to acquire knowledge, values, skills and the right attitude to become responsible citizens. Bihar Board is also in charge of of organising the Bihar Board Matric exams also known as Bihar Board Class 10 board exams. Bihar Board Matric Pariksha is a crucial exam for the students. Bihar Board Matric exam is very crucial for the students, as it sets the foundation for the higher classes. Passing the Bihar Board Matric Examination is a determining factor for those students who wish to pursue higher education.

Preparing for the Bihar Board Matric exams require a lot of commitment and preparation. Students are advised to study well and revise all the subjects well for the exams of the Bihar Matric Board. To study for the exams, we have provided here the resources or study materials that are developed by the board.

Bihar Board Matric Exam Resources

Surfing through this article will get you access to the following links for Mathematics and Science for Class 10 by the Bihar board. These are useful resources for Bihar Board Matric Pariksha. From the syllabus to the textbooks and all previous year papers or Sample Papers, we have provided all the reference materials as required for the board exams of Bihar Board Class 10.

Bihar Board Matric Syllabus 

Bihar board 10th Syllabus 2020 is one of the most resourceful tools for a Bihar Board Matric student. It lays out expectations chapter wise clearly making students and teachers understand its objectives and what a chapter is trying to convey. This document outlines all the necessary information and is extremely comprehensible. Mathematics and Science are such subjects in which usage of syllabus becomes a necessity. Knowing how to use the Bihar Board Matric syllabus is as important. It helps the students to prepare most efficiently for the Bihar Board Matric Pariksha.

Bihar Board Class 10 Textbooks 

Bihar Board Matric textbooks are the bible for a student. It contains all the necessary information just in the right amount. The contents have been developed by subject-matter experts and has been carefully revised over the years, keeping in mind the calibre of students at various levels.

Bihar Board Matric Previous Year Question Papers 

Question papers from the most recent years are also offered here. Practising and solving these Bihar board 10th question bank for 2020 and other previous years are one of the most important steps to be followed, while preparing for examination, especially if it is a board examination. These papers give an idea to students about the pattern of the question paper enabling them to plan up their answering pattern. Students can also refer to the Bihar board 10th model paper 2020 for more practice.

Bihar Board Matric Sample Papers 

Apart from the previous year papers, students are also advised to solve the sample papers as it will offer them access to a variety of question types, thus making it easy for the students to face the exams more confidently. They also learn the process of answering questions more efficiently within the given time.

In today’s age where advancement in Science and Technology is at its peak, the importance of a good knowledge and education system cannot be compromised with. The BSEB aims at providing exactly that. Over the years, it has continuously been involved in providing quality education for the economic growth of the society. On its way to achieve 100% literacy rate, the board has been continuously striving to bring about all possible changes and updation onto the table and hence, has been coming up with numerous schemes and programs aiming at the betterment of a student not only academically but also for the overall development of a student. For this, the Bihar board Matric aims at providing education to all, which it expects to achieve by increasing the enrollment number of students and by aiding formation of new schools and their affiliations. It also conducts the Bihar board Matric Pariksha to assess the students’ performance in the academic year.

The aims of the bihar board matric are as follows:

  • Increasing the literacy rate of the state
  • Encourages students to complete primary education
  • Continuously aims at improving the quality of education
  • Aims at providing a personalized learning experience to an extent
  • Maintain a good student-teacher ratio
  • Encourages parents to provide education for their children
  • Aims at improving the infrastructure of educational institutions
  • Checks for corruption at educational organisations
  • Undertakes affiliations of upcoming schools
  • Aims at overall development of students
  • Provides scholarship and other related aid for the deserving students
  • Motivates students to explore in the field of education
  • Assists in higher education of students and other greater opportunities for global exposure
  • Conducts examinations
  • Processes results
  • Documentation and certification of results

Apart from this it also aims at promoting literacy rate amongst females and providing education in the remote areas of the state. Provides assistance and support to upcoming schools and aims at eliminating imbalances in the society.

For more details about the textbooks and to get downloadable links to the Bihar board previous year question paper 10th pdf, come to BYJU’S.


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