NCERT Solutions For Class 10

Class 10 NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science

NCERT solutions class 10 for maths and science are intended to help students in the preparation of class 10 board exams. These class 10 NCERT solutions are prepared by our expert faculties at BYJU’S to provide a one-stop solution for all your queries related to maths and science. Every year, 70% to 80% of questions are picked directly from the concepts covered in the NCERT textbooks. Therefore, instead of preparing from reference books, the students must be initially focused on understanding concepts from NCERT textbooks. These solutions of NCERT textbooks can prove to be of great help for students to develop a strong foundational base in maths and science. Before starting your preparations, analyze the entire syllabus and prepare a suitable study plan. Here, we have also provided chapter-wise pdfs of class 10 NCERT solutions. The students are advised to download and practice these solutions on a regular basis to secure a meritorious position the board exams.

For students aiming to excel in CBSE board exams, class 10 NCERT solutions provide an excellent platform to understand all the math and science concepts covered in the syllabus. Have you ever wondered why the pressure increases when you’re in high school? It’s because these years are very crucial to shape your future. 10th standard board exams are first national-level external exams which every student has to face. The structure of this exam is to test the candidate’s practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Hence, it is important for students to have a clear understanding of the concepts and relating it to the real world applications as it will help them to have a practical knowledge as well. We at BYJU’S teach students using 3D animation and in-air projections for a clear understanding of concepts. NCERT solutions for class 10 are beautifully explained with well-illustrated graphs and solved examples making learning simple and easy.

NCERT Class 10 Solutions for Maths and Science

Key Features

  • These solutions are prepared by our experts to provide concise and accurate solutions for questions given in the textbooks.
  • NCERT solutions for class 10 are presented in a step by step approach for easy and smooth understanding of concepts.
  • Along with the solutions we have also provided a quick summary, important tips and formulas to assure proper understanding of basic math and science concepts.
  • These solutions of NCERT are extremely useful in the preparation of olympiads, school level, and the undergraduate level competitive exams like KVPY, NSO, NTSE, CAT, IIT JEE, etc.

Detailed Analysis of Class 10 Maths and Science Syllabus

BYJU’S ensures to give quality education. Here, we have attached class 10 NCERT solutions for each chapter. The solutions are intended for those students who use NCERT textbooks to solve questions given at the end of each chapter. Practice to perfection and master the concepts. This will definitely boost your confidence for exams. The following topics are covered in NCERT class 10 maths.

Real Numbers Polynomials Linear Equations
Triangles Trigonometry Quadratic Equations
Coordinate Geometry Arithmetic Progression Circles
Statistics Constructions Area Related to Circles
Applications of Trigonometry Surface Areas and Volumes Probability

The following topics are covered in NCERT class 10 science.

Chemical Reactions Metals, Non-Metals Acids, Bases, Salts
Light Periodic Classification Carbon Compounds
Evolution Reproduction Coordination
Life Processes Electricity Human Eye
Sources of Energy Magnetic Effects of Current Our Environment

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