CBSE Extra Questions for Classes 8 to 12

Preparing for exams is usually considered incomplete until students solve the CBSE extra questions given here for the Classes 8, 9, and 10. These extra questions of CBSE adhere to the latest CBSE syllabus and students are advised to give a glance at these while preparing for school exams. Solving these questions will help the students to prepare more effectively and face the exams with confidence.

CBSE Extra Questions for Classes 8 to 10

Why Solve Extra Questions?

  • Students following the curriculum need to practice a good amount of questions about a particular subject in order to understand and remember the concepts. This will help with that.
  • The extra questions provided here will leave no stones unturned because it will describe the main concepts which are expected in examinations.
  • Practising these questions after your preparation is done will be advisable because some concepts will be a revision of the practised concepts
  • Practising these on a regular basis will enhance your problem-solving, analytical and time management capabilities.
  • The questions given are arranged systematically and comes from every chapter of the Maths and Science subject

In order to understand a subject and all the important concepts in it, solving questions on that topic will give clarity and proper measurement of the time taken to solve the type of questions asked regarding the topic. These CBSE extra questions will cover that part for you. Students can check out the class wise CBSE extra questions for Maths and Science subject for Classes 8,9, and 10.

These extra questions will definitely help students score graceful marks in the examinations. Be sure to check out more study materials for CBSE students for rigorous practice

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