We believe in the democratisation of education to enable every child with the opportunity to learn. We make this possible through our tech-driven learning programs, that empower children in the most remote geographies and underserved communities. As a result, we unlock every child’s potential through education and thereby fuel a whole nation’s journey towards transforming into a healthier and more prosperous society.

Our mission

To transform the lives of millions of children
by making digital learning accessible

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The pillars we stand tall on

Learning that’s fun and leaves no one behind
Every child has the right to learn and we are on our way to empower each one of them. Our curated learning programs smartly adapts to the unique needs of every child. And with our interactive teaching methods, learning is no longer a repetitive process but a fun and engaging experience for students.

Powering up learning with the best-in technology
Technology is pivotal to our growth and development. It has helped us scale our educational offerings and made it possible to connect with millions of students around the globe. With cutting-edge technology by our side, we have been able to overcome constraints posed by the traditional education systems, rise above hurdles, and deliver the learning needs of students. The bottom line -- we are committed to exploring and leveraging technology to bring about positive, systemic changes in education.

Celebrating uniqueness with personalised learning experiences
Every child is unique; they learn, process, and retain information differently. Our learning programs are crafted to adapt to the learning needs of every child. These programs contribute to a personalised learning experience by understanding every child’s learning requirements. The combination of mapping concepts, personalisation, interactivity, adaptive teaching, and in-depth analysis can hugely impact a student’s learning outcome, making them lifelong learners.

Our Recent Projects

Let’s join hands and make Education for All a reality

We are looking to partner with changemakers who can walk the talk. Here’s who can join our movement:

Corporates to multiply the impact of your CSR initiatives

With your support, we can reach 1 million children. Join hands with us to strengthen your CSR programs and impact the lives of children. Tech-enabled learning has the power to further deepen and broaden the impact of your CSR activities. We will offer our study content free of cost to be distributed to your beneficiaries.

Non-profits to amplify reach

As a non-profit, your outreach at the grassroots level can truly help communities and children at large. Make your outreach effective and impactful by providing BYJU’S learning content to the communities and schools you work with. Your insights, coupled with our interactive study content, expert educators, and teachers, can help us accomplish our goals together.

Schools in remote locations to give students access to quality content

The one-to-many learning product - BYJU’S TV can help your students access quality education, irrespective of geographical locations, fostering learning.

Individuals, to spearhead change

Be the change you want to see in the world. Your actions can positively impact a child. You can donate a device or support and fund the education of a child in need, or volunteer to mentor a child

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