Tips To Get 90+ Marks In CBSE Class 12 Chemistry


Tips To Get 90+ Marks In CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

Class 12 is a hard time for any student, preparing for their upcoming board exam at the end of the academic year is quite a tingling sensation for most students. In their endeavor to overcome the exam, students have to clear a set of exam depending on which stream they are enrolled in. One such subject is chemistry and it is famous for not being everyone’s cup of tea. But with rigorous preparation and a thorough understanding of the chapters on the subject can surely help you get a percentile above 90 for your upcoming CBSE class 12 chemistry exam.

  • Analyze: Examine how the cbse class 12 chemistry subject is laid out. With subjects being divided into 3 mainly;
    1. Organic chemistry
    2. Inorganic chemistry
    3. Physical chemistry

Inspect and test yourself on how much you know and how good you are on that topic. Accordingly, plan how much time and effort you are going to put into each subsection.

  • Physical chemistry: The skills that would be a boon to have on physical chemistry would be a strong mathematical calculation capability and formula application skill. For better effectiveness create a table containing all the important formulas with examples. There are also certain chapters like Electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, and solutions which should be given extra attention as they are needed in the long run rather than just to ace the CBSE class 12 chemistry exam.
  • Organic chemistry: Organic chemistry is the basic chemistry dealing with a vast majority of the compounds we see around us. If you have the basics of organic chemistry covered neatly. Give importance to reactions of  
    (a) Phenols-Carboxylic Acid
    (b) Aldehyde-Ketone
    (c) 1,2,3 alcohols
    (d) 1, 2, 3 amines

    Some other important topics of organic chemistry are Haloalkanes-Haloarenes, Organic compounds containing O-I, II, Nitrogen compounds, Biomolecules, Polymers.

  • Inorganic chemistry: This part of chemistry is mostly textbook oriented. The questions for the exams are mostly from the textbook, thus read the textbook and makes notes of all the important topics. With the help of the short notes and adequate revisions, you will be able to handle inorganic chemistry easily.
  • Sample papers: It is crucial that a student looking to score over 90 percentile in their CBSE class 12 chemistry exam scrutinize their knowledge, check how much they know and understand what they do not know. Hence, it is advised to work on a sample paper every week, self-analyzing and working on your weak points.

  • Be ready: Prepare a strategy for yourself in the exam hall. Do not panic and waste time. Based on your preference, work out how to answer the question paper, whether to answer the long answer questions or the short answer questions first. Prepare an outline for how you will answer the long answer question and proceed.

Thus, as you can understand from the above-mentioned points if you have a thorough understanding of the concepts of the subject you can easily get a percentile above 90 which will help you to get into the prestigious college you’ve always wanted to get into. For a better understanding of topics of chemistry, watch out videos incorporating animations into video content so that you can understand the concept better.


Practise This Question

Regarding lactose, some statements are given below

A) On hydrolysis, lactose gives β-D-galactose and β-D-glucose

B) In lactose C1 of β-D-galactose has acetal structure and C1 of β-D-glucose has hemiacetal structure

C) In lactose molecule, β-D-galactose is a non-reducing unit and β-D-glucose is reducing unit

The correct statements are 

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