ICSE Class 6

How Does Photosynthesis Happen?

Why Learn About Fractions and Decimals

Students set foot into the world of interesting and important concepts in class 6 . Nurturing the skills of students at this stage is extremely important as these formative years prove to be of great impact in their lives. If triggered towards the right direction from this stage , the student is sure to keep improving in the coming years of his academic life. Keeping this in mind, Byju’s have designed learning modules for students of class 6 in such a way that no student will find that learning is forced on them .Rather , they will begin to find learning fun and engaging.

At Byju’s, we provide video lessons on all topics under Maths and Science with interesting images and animations , so that the students can entirely absorb the concept. Byju’s believe in adaptive and interactive learning as this mode of learning help the student improve much beyond what they think they can. Students can learn from Byju’s and take tests online . Expert teachers at Byju’s help you with the analysis of the test and guide you through how you can improve upon your weak points. Embrace the right way to learn and make learning fun at Byju’s.

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A cylinder of height 20 m is completely filled with water. The velocity of efflux of water (in m/s) through a small hole on the side wall of the cylinder near its bottom is