ISC Class 11 Maths

ISC Class 11 Maths contains the sample papers, important questions and previous year question paper, which is important in the exam preparation of students. The idea of learning math goes further beyond the popular notion of getting higher test scores. Mathematics grants us the fundamental ability to learn and think logically. A firm base in the subject of Mathematics assists in strengthening the ability to interpret data, recognise patterns, examine proof and work out problems of Class 11 ISC. Maths requires a wide variety of study materials to not only score good marks in Class 11 but also to understand the fundamental concepts of Maths that would be taught in grade 12.

Why should you learn Maths in Class 11?

  • To learn the fundamentals of the topics to be taught in Class 12.
  • To score good marks in the Class 11 examination.
  • To increase your Mathematical ability, which is essential for the future.
  • To improve your problem-solving and time-management skills.

ISC Class 11 Maths Chapters

Sets and Functions Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
Algebra Mathematical Reasoning
Coordinate Geometry Statistics
Calculus Correlation Analysis
Statistics & Probability Index Numbers & Moving Averages
Conic Section

ISC Class 11 Maths Syllabus

ISC Class 11 Maths Sample paper

ISC Class 11 Maths Important Questions

ISC Class 11 Maths Videos

How to Finish ISC Class 11 Maths Examination on time?

  • Quickly review and assess the question paper in the 15-minutes buffer time provided.
  • Start with a longer question (of which you know the answer) that holds more weight, then move on to smaller ones that you are sure about.
  • Check your watch regularly to keep a record of the remaining time
  • Make one last attempt at completing any questions that you don’t know the answer to; this might, sometimes, earn you a few extra points.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ISC Class 11 Maths


Why is ISC Class 11 Maths important for exam preparation?

The ISC Class 11 Maths contains crucial chapters like Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Conic Section etc., which are frequently asked in the final examination. The questions from these chapters have to be practised on a regular basis for a good score in the Maths exam.

How to score well in the ISC Class 11 Maths exam?

You can score well in the ISC Class 11 Maths exam using the various study material given at BYJU’S. The highly experienced faculty make use of simple language to help students understand the concepts with ease.

What are the highest marks I can score in the ISC Class 11 Maths exam?

The highest marks you can score in the ISC Class 11 Maths exam is 100. It is possible only by regular practice and revision. This can be done with the help of the important questions and solutions PDF available at BYJU’S.


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