ICSE sample paper for class 9 Maths


Mathematics is a branch of science which deals with the number and their operations. It comprises of solving problems, calculations, and computation etc. For many mathematics is a word that summons emotions ranging from dislike and anxiety to outright fear.

Solving sample papers for class 9 maths will help students to get acquainted with the types of question asked in the examinations, the marking scheme and lot more. These sample papers are designed in such a way that students can get an idea of the exact question paper.

It is advised to solve these question papers by keeping an eye on the clock, doing so will help you to analyze your problem solving speed. After solving the sample paper evaluate the question paper yourself so that you can see your own mistakes after evaluation assign more time to those topics in which you scored fewer marks so that you don’t miss a single question from that topic in the examination.

Download the ICSE Sample paper for Class 9 Maths from the table below:


Practise This Question

A tank having a capacity of 4096 m3 is used by 4 families. If each family uses 4 buckets of water every day and the volume of the bucket is 16 m3 , then the water in the tank will last for ___ weeks.