NCERT Solutions For Class 6

NCERT Class 6 Solutions for Maths & Science

NCERT solutions for class 6 maths and science is an essential study resource for the students studying in class 6 of CBSE affiliated schools. The NCERT or National Council of Education Research and Training is an autonomous organization of the government of India and was established on September 1st, 1961. The schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE are prescribed to follow only NCERT curriculum as well as the NCERT books. The NCERT Class 6 books are designed according to the latest syllabus provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. These books are written and prepared by the subject experts of NCERT and includes several practice questions as exercise problems to help students analyze their level of understanding.

Students studying in class 6 are advised to solve the NCERT questions as solving them will help the students to have a deeper understanding of the concepts involved. Sometimes the questions from the NCERT books are directly asked in the examination. Students often find some doubts while solving the questions and end up piling those up. Checking the NCERT solutions for class 6 maths and science will not only help you to clear all your doubts but will also help you to score good marks in the examination.

NCERT Solution for class 6 Maths and Science have been made available for the students preparing for their class 6 exam as well as for various maths and science olympiads. You can find the downloadable PDFs below which you can download and access easily. You can also download NCERT class 6 Solutions PDF from the given below links.

NCERT Class 6 Maths & Science Solutions

These class 6 science and maths NCERT solutions are prepared by expert teachers to boost your exam preparations. NCERT Class 6 solutions comprise of the detailed explanation to NCERT questions that explains all the steps and teaches a better approach to answer different problems. These study materials can be of great help to the students who are solving questions mentioned at the end of each chapter given in NCERT Science and Maths textbooks. The NCERT solutions that are available will be useful for students to prepare for their exams in the best way.

Top Features of BYJU’S Class 6 NCERT Solutions

  • The solutions of both maths and science subjects are easy to understand and in simple words
  • For numerical solutions, each step is clearly explained to help students understand the complete solutions properly
  • Diagrams are provided to help students visualize the concepts better
  • The solutions to all the exercise questions are given so that students would not have to pile up their doubts
  • Solutions are also available in PDF format which students can download and access according to their convenience

Benefits of NCERT Class 6 Books & Solutions

One of the best methods in solving and preparing for maths and science exams is by solving question papers and referring through the NCERT maths and science books for Class 6. These books will help in guiding you through the right syllabus, with the right topics and you can easily study and prepare for the exams to the best of your abilities. The books are written in such a way that students studying in class 6 can learn all the concepts which are essential to learning the concepts of class 7. The questions provided in the NCERT books evaluates a student’s basic and advanced knowledge of the topics.

Chapters & Solutions Included in NCERT Class 6 Science & Maths

NCERT Class 6 Science Chapters

NCERT Class 6 Maths Chapters

Chapter 1: Food Where Does It Come From

Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 2: Components of Food

Chapter 2: Whole Numbers

Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric

Chapter 3: Playing with Numbers

Chapter 4: Sorting Materials Into Groups

Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas

Chapter 5: Separation of Substances

Chapter 5: Understanding elementary shapes

Chapter 6: Changes Around Us

Chapter 6: Integers

Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants

Chapter 7: Fractions

Chapter 8: Body Movements

Chapter 8: Decimals

Chapter 9: The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

Chapter 9: Data Handling

Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter 10: Mensuration

Chapter 11: Light Shadows and Reflection

Chapter 11: Algebra

Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuits

Chapter 12: Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 13: Fun with Magnets

Chapter 13: Symmetry

Chapter 14: Water

Chapter 14: Practical Geometry

Chapter 15: Air Around Us

Chapter 16: Garbage In Garbage Out

The chapters that hold good weightage in maths include ratio and proportion, mensuration, and algebra. While in science, chapters like Garbage In Garbage Out, The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings, and water are extremely from examination point of view.

At BYJU’S, along with NCERT solutions and books, students are also provided with previous year questions papers and sample papers along with important notes for all the chapters and subjects. Solving the previous year questions will help the students to get acquainted with the latest exam pattern as well as the marking scheme.