Class 12 Maths NCERT Syllabus

NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths – Free PDF Download

Students study day and night to score good marks in the Class 12 board exam. The Class 12 result is one of the key factors that decide their career ahead. So, students give their 100% for the exam preparation. However, most of the time, they miss going through the syllabus. Due to this, they do not get the expected result of their hard work. Therefore, it is important to know the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths before starting the exam preparation. The NCERT Syllabus will provide a brief overview of the topics and subtopics. Apart from the board exam, this syllabus also prepares students for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIPMT, etc.

It is advised students refer to the Class 12 NCERT Syllabus for the Maths syllabus every time they sit to study. It will help them in keeping track of the topics that have been completed. Students can download the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths in PDF for free from the link below.

Download Class 12 Maths NCERT Syllabus PDF 2023-24

Download PDF Download PDF

Have a look at the NCERT Class 12 Maths Syllabus below. Here, we have listed the unit names and chapters under each unit.

Sl. No. Units Chapters Name
1 Relations and Functions
  • Relations and Functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
2 Algebra
  • Matrices
  • Determinants
3 Calculus
  • Continuity and Differentiability
  • Applications of Derivatives
  • Integrals
  • Applications of the Integrals
  • Differential Equations
4 Vectors and Three-dimensional Geometry
  • Vectors
  • Three-dimensional Geometry
5 Linear Programming
  • Linear programming
6 Probability
  •  Probability

Effective Ways of Using Class 12 Maths NCERT Syllabus

  1. Chalk out a daily study plan based on the Maths NCERT Syllabus.
  2. Go through the concepts and then solve the exercise problems provided in the textbook.
  3. Go through the topics before they are taught in the class so that students can easily grasp the concepts in the classroom.
  4. Keep track of topics that have been completed on a daily basis.

Practising is the key to scoring good marks in the Maths exam. So, students must practise the complete NCERT Class 12 Maths Books to excel in the Class 12 Maths exam.

Besides, students can access the NCERT Solutions at BYJU’S, which are available for all subjects of Classes 1 to 12. These NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths can be viewed both online and offline by downloading in PDF. Preparation of chapter-wise notes of important formulae becomes easier by referring to these solutions.

Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on NCERT, CBSE and other competitive exams. Download BYJU’S – The Learning App and subscribe to the YouTube channel to access interactive Maths and Science videos.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Class 12 Maths Syllabus


Why is the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths important from the exam point of view?

The first and foremost step in preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Maths exam is acquiring complete knowledge of the syllabus. Usually, students skip to know the syllabus for an exam, and this leads to a lack of preparation resulting in losing marks for easy questions. Hence, to score high marks in the Class 12 Maths exam, it’s essential to know the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths.

Why should students download the NCERT Class 12 Maths Syllabus from BYJU’S?

BYJU’S provides the latest NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths both online and in a downloadable PDF form to view offline. Students can easily access the NCERT Syllabus from anywhere and at any time without any difficulty.

Where to download the NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths?

NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Maths can be easily downloaded from the link provided in this article and also in the respective NCERT Syllabus webpage on BYJU’S website. Further, it is made readily available in PDF so that students can download and refer to them offline.


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