CBSE Syllabus for Class 3 EVS 2023-24

CBSE Class 3 EVS syllabus covers chapters which offer students basic knowledge of EVS. The chapters are designed in such a way that students find them interesting and also informative while gaining knowledge of the same. Students of CBSE Class 3 are advised to have a proper understanding of the EVS syllabus so that they are confident while writing the exam in order to score good marks. To download the CBSE EVS syllabus for Class 3 students, click on the link below.

Download CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus for 2023-24

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2023-24 CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus

Below you will find the EVS syllabus for Class 3 students

Unit Unit Name Section
1 Family and Friends Relationships

Work and Play



2 Food Food from Plants and Animals


Eating in the Family

What Animals Eat

3 Shelter Houses and Houses

Decoration and Cleaning Out Shelter

My Family and Other Animals

Mapping my Neighbourhood

4 Water Water for My Family

Do Animals and Plants Need Water

Water shortage

Water in Our Lives

Storing Water

5 Travel Going Places

Ways to Travel

Talking Without Speaking

Mailing a Letter

6 Things We Make and Do Pottery


CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus Chapter Listing

Get the latest syllabus of CBSE Class 3 EVS for the academic year 2023-24 for the benefit of the students. Also, they will know the chapters which cover the syllabus. Check out the chapter names of the syllabus mentioned below.

Chapter 1. Poonam’s Day out

Chapter 2. The Plant Fairy

Chapter 3. Water O’ Water!

Chapter 4. Our First School

Chapter 5. Chhotu’s House

Chapter 6. Foods We Eat

Chapter 7. Saying without Speaking

Chapter 8. Flying High

Chapter 9. It’s Raining

Chapter 10. What is Cooking

Chapter 11. From Here to There

Chapter 12. Work We Do

Chapter 13. Sharing Our Feelings

Chapter 14. The Story of Food

Chapter 15. Making Pots

Chapter 16. Games We Play

Chapter 17. Here comes a Letter

Chapter 18. A House Like This

Chapter 19. Our Friends – Animals

Chapter 20. Drop by Drop

Chapter 21. Families Can be Different

Chapter 22. Left-Right

Chapter 23. A Beautiful Cloth

Chapter 24. Web of Life

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Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus 2023-24


What are the concepts explained in the CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus?

The concepts of EVS explained in the CBSE Class 3 Syllabus are related to food, family and friends, shelter, water, travel and things we make and do.

What is the cost of the CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus?

The CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus is free of cost at BYJU’S. Both online and offline PDF format of the syllabus is available, which can be accessed by students without any difficulty.

In the CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus, how many chapters are covered?

In the CBSE Class 3 EVS Syllabus, about 24 chapters are covered. Students can also find accurate answers to all the questions from the textbook for free at BYJU’S.


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