CBSE Class 6 Science Notes

CBSE Class 6 Science Notes includes important questions from the exam point of view, a few objective questions, and solutions to all the questions in the Class 6 Science textbooks. Students can access the CBSE Class 6 Notes in PDF format for free at BYJU’S. The subject of Science is important in every other branch of modern life. Whether it is a machine noise, noise during construction, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the games we play and enjoy or the house in which we all live, it requires the knowledge of Science in one way or another. We can feel the effect of Science on every sphere of our life.

Science is one of the most important subjects for students who wish to pursue careers in engineering, medical, and technology-related fields. CBSE Class 6 Science teaches students the basics, which have many applications in their higher studies. Interested students can easily log in to BYJU’S website and download CBSE Class 6 Science Notes pdf and prepare for their upcoming exams.

Check the links given below for more information about each chapter given in the Class 6 Science syllabus.

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Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 6 Science Notes


What are the uses of magnets?

An object which is capable of producing a magnetic field and attracting unlike poles and repelling like poles is called a ‘Magnet’.


What are the main types of food important for the human body?

1. Protein

2. Carbohydrate

3. Fats

4. Vitamins

5. Water


What are the main components of air?

The main components of Air are Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Water Vapour.

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