CBSE Important Questions for Class 8

Important questions for Class 8 is a crucial resource for the students. It helps them prepare smartly and effectively for the exam. Studying through CBSE Important Questions for Class 8 help in their revision. Along with this, they also get to know the important topics and questions from the exam perspective. It gives them a good practice of all types of questions from basic to a higher level. Also, there are high chances that some of these questions may be asked in the exam. So, CBSE Class 8 students must practice all these questions in order to score high marks in Class 8.

CBSE Class 8 Important Questions

Here we have provided the CBSE important questions for Class 8 Maths, Science and Social Science subjects. By clicking on the link the student will get the chapter wise questions on that particular subject. These questions are designed by the subject experts and are helpful for exam preparation. It covers the entire CBSE Class 8 syllabus. By going through them, students can again recall the important formulas and concepts.

The list of important questions given in this article, framed as per the CBSE Class 8 textbook concepts on subjects like Maths, Science and Social Science is based on the  syllabus and exam pattern. Students are advised to practise these questions, as it will also provide better practice and revision, while giving an idea of what can be asked in exams.

How to Practice CBSE Class 8 Important Questions?

Here are a few points that students must keep in mind before solving the CBSE Class 8 important questions.

  • Students should not look for the answer while practising these questions.
  • They should allocate a time duration before starting to solve the questions from a particular chapter.
  • Once students have finished, they must evaluate their answers by themselves.
  • They should go through the solutions of those questions which they could not able to solve earlier.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 8 Important Questions

With a deliberate practise of these CBSE Class 8 important questions, students will have the following benefits:

  • Students will understand the time management skills by solving questions.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills as they have already solved a lot of questions from each chapter.
  • Through these important questions, students will revise all the topics in less duration of time.
  • Students will quickly write the answers during the exam if any of these questions or similar to them are asked in the exam.
  • Students will feel confident during the exam and score good marks in Class 8.

Class 8 CBSE students can also get essential study materials such as CBSE Class 8 sample papers, Notes, CBSE Important Questions, Exemplar, NCERT Class 8 books, etc. Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on CBSE and other competitive exams. Download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube channel to access interactive Maths and Science videos.



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