CBSE Releases e-Books


CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education) has released a series of e-books for reference of students from class I-XII , given as ” A Collection of CBSE Books in Electronic Format” . This platform provides students from class I to class XII with those books that come under the curriculum of CBSE.
These include books for students, teachers and in varied languages like English , Hindi and Arabic. A few examples of topics that these books cover are entrepreneurship , fashion studies , disaster management, food service , information and communication technology , books to learn Arabic, etc.

Class I-V have a collection of 3 books.

Class VI-VIII have a collection of 9 books.

Class IX-X have a collection of 21 books.

Class XI has a collection of 42 books.

Class XII has a collection of 33 books.

They also have books under “Others” section. These include 4 books value education manual , work education in school ,etc.

Please Click Here on the following link to avail these books.

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