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Welcome aboard to the best platform that answers all your IAS Questions. At BYJU’S IAS Education Forum, you will find all answers to questions from wide-ranging subjects asked in UPSC Civil Services Examination.

It is a fact that the IAS Exam is one of the most difficult examinations yet attempted by lakhs of aspirants. However, to begin the UPSC preparation, a candidate has several doubts regarding its preparation.

This page provides you with answers not only for your doubts regarding the complete IAS preparation but along with that, it answers important and pertinent questions related to IAS subjects like history, geography, polity, economics, science and technology, environment and more.

If you are looking for a brief, updated and correct answers to all your IAS queries, this is the right place for you. Get your hands on with the answers tailored to your UPSC needs; provided by civil services examination’s experts and mapped with the UPSC syllabus.


  1. Meena Vaijanath Navghare

    I always believe on BYJU’S

  2. I need previous question paper for IAS exam

    1. Hi,
      Get UPSC Question Papers here.

  3. question answer of Indian economy

    1. Hi,
      We have included questions and answers of the Indian Economy here.

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