CBSE Class 11

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) along with the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) designs and prescribes the syllabus for CBSE Class 11. The schools that are affiliated with CBSE the prescribed NCERT syllabus.

The CBSE class 11 is a very crucial stage for the NEET and JEE aspirants as the syllabus for boards and other competitive exams are mapped accordingly from class 11. So, it is very important for the students to know the latest syllabus for Class 11 to start with a proper preparation strategy.

The syllabus for CBSE Class 11 are given here along with detailed explanation on each sub-topics. Apart from the syllabus, there are NCERT solutions, CBSE Sample papers, for CBSE Class 11 students along with videos explaining the concepts which will help the students to remember in a better way.

Below are the links to CBSE syllabus for Class 11, solutions, science project

CBSE study materials

CBSE Notes for Class 11

To prepare well for the exam you need proper study materials. Understand the concepts in an easy and interesting way and finish your studies weeks before exam so that you have enough time to revise. So to help you with the same, below we have provided the notes for class 11 maths and science syllabus

  • Cbse class 11 Maths Notes

Maths is most important subject in any class. You have an opportunity to score out of out marks in this subject. Mathematics might be easy for some students but  tough and boring for a lot of students. This could be because of the educators teaching techniques or confusion to solve a problem with a particular method while it has multiple ways. Chapter wise notes for the entire syllabus of class 11 maths is given with easy step by step solutions and tricks to remember. The notes cover the following topics: Sets, Relations and functions, Trigonometric functions, Principle of Mathematical Induction, Complex numbers and quadratic equations, Linear inequalities, Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem, Sequences and series, Straight lines, Conic sections, Introduction to three dimensional geometry, Limits and derivatives, Mathematical reasoning, Statistics, Probability. Download CBSE Notes for Class 11 Maths to prepare and score well in the exam.

  • Class 11 Science Notes

Science is one of the important subjects in any class. Students who wish to pursue a career in engineering field or medical field should take this subject seriously. Science might be easy for some students but tough for a lot of students as there are many labelled diagrams, laws, chemical names, structure and reactions to remember. Chapter wise notes for the entire syllabus of class 11 science is given with easy solutions and few tricks to remember. Class 11 Science Notes cover the following Biology topics: Diversity in the living world, Structural organisation in plants and animals, Structure and functions, Physiology, Human physiology. Chemistry: Some basic concepts of chemistry, Structure of atom, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter, thermodynamics, equilibrium,. Physics: Physical world, Units and measurements, Motion in a straight line, Motion in a place, Laws of motion, Work energy and power, System of particles and rotational motion, Gravitation. To prepare and score well in science exam, the following links will be helpful:

CBSE Class 11 physics notes NCERT Solutions for class 11 physics
CBSE Class 11 chemistry notes NCERT Solutions for class 11 chemistry
CBSE Class 11 biology notes NCERT Solutions for class 11 biology

CBSE Question Papers

CBSE question papers for class 11

To score well in exam it is very important to practice thoroughly. Solving chapter wise exercises, sample question papers, previous year question papers help you become perfect with the topics.

Importance of solving question papers:

  • You get an idea of the exam paper pattern
  • The question paper cover the entire syllabus
  • You get to know your level of preparation for the exam. So it is always better to finish studying weeks before your exam
  • It helps to improve your speed
  • Your confidence level increases

We have given the links below which will help you to

easily download the question paper:

Students at this point should properly focus on the topics as these topics are also equally important for various competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Students who are simultaneously preparing for board examinations and various competitive entrance exams should follow a proper exam timetable to prepare more efficiently. The exams like JEE or NEET require proper dedication and strategies to crack and thus BYJU’S has come up with engaging lectures to help the students prepare and manage their time properly.

We at BYJU’S also provide the students with all the latest notifications, sample papers, NCERT solutions and detailed explanations with important diagrams for each topic so that our students always experience the best and stay a step ahead of others in this competitive generation.

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